Top 5 destinations on the road// Croatia edition.

Anyoung everybody! Those are the top 5 destinations for a road trip in Croatia.
This is just my personal opinion based on what I did. Enjoy! Today we’ll talk about Zadar, Krka Park, Trogir and Split, Vis and Zlatni Rat.

  1. Zadar
    Zadar is situated on the Adriatic Sea at the northwestern part of the Ravni Kotari’s region. Zadar had a lot of dominations, roman, italian, french, austrian etc. Because of that here you will see amazing romans ruins on and under the sea, a lot of ancient churches and austrian buildings.
    Some of the main attractions are: the Door of Terraferma which reminds us the venetian domination, the archeological museum of Zadar, the Roman forum, St. Anastasia’s cathedral and of course the beautiful organ. This organ is very particular, because it is a “natural” one. It is located on the sea and the waves “play” it.
  2.  krka park
    This park is near Zadar and is very famous for his waterfalls. Here you can see also some lakes and two islands. In the lakes you can swim and the water is very beautiful, is not too cold and has got beautiful colors. I can’t describe the real beauty of this place so I’ll show you some photos, so that you can see what I mean.
  3. TrogirSplit
    Quite everybody goes to Split, but in my opinion Trogir is even better. In Trogir you’ll see beautiful ancient/medieval walls and castels all around the city. Split is beautiful too but it’s an industrial city and only the historical center is sugestive, because of Diocleziano’s palace. Around those cities there are a lot of things to do and to see, but if you don’t have so much time, just enjoy the city life. If you have more time just click here to see what else you can see.
  4. Vis island
    This island is near Trogir and Split and you can just arrive here with small speed boats. This place is so beautiful because until 6 years ago nobody could go there. Vis was a military island infact even now you can see all the bases with some military tours. Here the sea is just amazing, the water is very clear and not too cold.
  5. Zlatni Rat
    This beach is located on Brac’s island, in the city of Bol. This beach is so particular because it changes every day because of the tide. The two sides are so different, one side is totally blue and a little bit cold, the other one is light blue and green and it’s even more cold.