Liguria – Monaco/Montecarlo// summer advetures

Anyoung everybody! Today I’ll tell you about my adventure in Liguria – Monaco/Montecarlo. I’ve already mentioned something about Monaco here, but now I’ll narrate you why I went there.

The 18th June I left Naples and I went to Genoa, to go there I opted for Flixbus. The journey lasted 9 hours, but thanks to the free wifi, the bathroom and the reclining chairs it wasn’t so bad. Arrived in Genoa I rushed into the train station because I had to take a train to Alassio. I had to travel again for another hour, but at least, it was worth it.


In Alassio I met one of my dearest friend, Alice, she hosted me, but she was also my adventure-partner. We went around in the city center, and I was astonished by the beautiful architecture of the city, but what’s more incredible is the sea. Very stunning.

The day after we had breakfast in a bar, and after we went to the sea. What a beautiful view! Between one bath and another we read under the shadow of the threes, the natural shadow is priceless.

alassio’ seafront

In the afternoon we went around to take some pictures. The seafront had beautiful colors. The ripple water made a beautiful contrast with the sky’s shades. We spent like 3 hours by shooting the sea, and after we ate something in a pub in the proximity.


The day after we went to Genoa with the train. I advise you to make the tickets in advance, often the machines are broken, in addition if it can be useful for you the cost of the tickets is 14 euros go and back.

Arrived in Genoa we went to see Modigliani’s exhibition. I loved so much this exibition even though there were some false pictures.. True or false I think that it was worth it, I loved so much this experience!







After we went to see Genoa’s aquarium, it was amazing. Even there, I advise you to buy the tickets in advance, to avoid endless rows. We paid a little more to see also a small garden with butterflies and exotic birds. 

Then we went to see the biosphere, even this was so interesting, we saw some flamingos and piranhas, I was falling into piranha’s tank, but that’s just a small detail. 

The day after we essentially stayed at home, because I’ve sprained my ankle. In the afternoon we went in the city center, and we ate the ice cream in an ice-cream parlor, Perlecò. Here we ate also the hemp’s crepes, they were so good!

The following day we went to Monaco and here you’ll find all the details.
At least, this has been one of the best journeys I’ve ever made. I literally felt in love with the ligurian seafront and with the Côte d’Azur.

I hope that you liked this post, and that you’ve found it useful.
A special thanks to Alice that was my adventure-partner in this adventure.


Random photos:

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