How does an American see Europe?

“How does an American see Europe?”
Today I asked some questions about this topic to a nice girl I met in January.

1)Why Europe? And how have You chosen the places to visit?

I choose to visit Europe because I had found cheap flights and had friends living in Europe so I knew I was going to save some money. (Well on accommodation)

2)Have You noticed some stuffs that for You are unsual/strange?

Some things that were unusual to me is that I found Italy to be a diverse country. I didn’t think they were would be a lot of immigrants especially towards he south.

3)Have You enjoyed the food?

I REALLY REALLY ENJOYED the food!! That was my favorite! I loved all the pizzas and pastas I tried! I don’t think there was a time where I didn’t like the food!

4)Which place was the best?

My favorite place was Greece, santorini to be exact! The hikes had beautiful views and i enjoyed meeting people from there! They seems to be very nice, welcoming and humble!

5)Would You advice people to Travel here? Why?

I would tell people to travel to see these country because it’s a beautiful experience! I honestly made so many great friends along the trip! Saw some beautiful places and ate amazing food!! I would honestly go back!(if there’s more cheap flights 🙂 )

So, that’s It. What do You think? Let me know it in the comments below!


A special thanks to Diana, that was so patient and kind with me. Thank you so much! 💕

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