Budapest: Travel diary pt.2

this is the second part of my journey in Budapest,you can find the first part here.

…The following day, in the morning we just went all around the main squares and bridges. In the afternoon we went to szczesny termal bath with our friends. I love so much those baths, the outdoor is really beautiful and at night you can also dance. The entrance is not too expensive, at least is like less than 10 euros.

For dinner we went to lecsó, this is a very good and cheap restaurant. In the morning is like an Hungarian fast-food, but in the evening in a very good restaurant. Personally I’ve tried the goulasch without soup, that was really good, my brother and the other, took a typical spicy meat meal, that was even good. The day after i Just went all around, because my brother had to meet the other Erasmus guys. I went in my favourite places, like the chain bridge, Kalvin ter square and in the National Museum.

In the evening i went to Buda, up to the Liberty statue. My brother and his friends went there to taste Pálinka, which is a traditional Hungarian drink. The following day we Just cleaned the house and all stuffs like this, but at night we went with the Erasmus group to a pub crawl. It was funny because Half of the pubs/bar were closed, so we walked a lot. My last day was so sad, I didn’t wanted to leave, in the morning I went all around with a friend of my brother, we literally got lost, but remember, when you get lost there’s always a Tram 4 or 6 that will save your life. We went all around vatcy utca, where I’ve eaten the fried roll with the icecream, so good!!!

After lunch we went with my Brother to Margaret Island, every time that I see the botanic garden I cry, it’s really amazing. After we did a “Budapest tour” with the Erasmus group, we saw the Opera, the Hungarian National Museum, The great sinagoghe, Buda castle and the Heroes Square. After we went to eat to Menza, which is my favourite restaurant in Budapest. As always I’ve eaten the goulasch souppe and after the delicious cherry strüdel. After dinner we went to a Romket, in the jewish Square, where I’ve said goodbye to everybody.

So guys this is the last part of my diary, Hope that you’ve liked It. In those days I’ll make a more specific guide of Budapest. Let me know what you think in the comments.