Best Schnitzel and beer in Wien || Where to eat in Wien

Anyoung everybody! Are you wondering where to eat the best Schnitzel in Wien and where to drink the best beer? Here, in the first part, I’ll advise you where to eat the best Schnitzel and in the second one, I’ll tell you about the best local pub\beer.

First of all, I’ll tell you about the Figlmüller.
Figlmüller is a restaurant in the city center, that’s very famous for his Schnitzel. You can book by calling them, but, personally, I had some problems in calling them, so I just went there without booking; at least the queue was quick. I tried the Schnitzel with roasted potatoes, this wasn’t my first time eating Schnitzel, so I can tell you for real that this one was amazing. The Schnitzel was very big, so if you are not eating alone, you can split it with somebody else and try something else. Here you can find the menu, but at least with 20 euros, you can eat very well.


Schnitzel Figlmuller
Schnitzel Figlmuller
Figlmuller Wien
Figlmuller Wien


Secondly, as I told you before, I’ll tell you about the best local pub\beer in Wien, the 1516 brewing company
The 1516 brewing company is also in the city center, and the best thing is that they also produce their own beer, and to be honest it’s the best beer that I’ve drunk in Wien. They cook everything at the moment, but they are also very quick. Another important thing is that they are opened until 2 a.m.
I absolutely advise you to eat those things:

  • Goulasch
    If you’ve read the articles about Budapest, you know that I love so much the Goulasch and that I usually prefer the Hungarian one, but at least, this one was very good.
  • 1516 Curry Sausages with homemade Curry Sauce, Fries & Mayo
  • Bavarian Sausages
  • 1516 Black & Tan Beer

Here I’ll leave you the menu, but in general, we have never paid more than 15 euros pro person.








Hope that you’d found this useful, if you try one of those things leave me a feedback in comments down below.


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